Ecodes And Online Redemption

eCodes and digital rewards

Instant online rewards made easy

eCodes are a universal reward solution, ideal for large and diverse audiences across employee, customer and channel. 

An email is sent directly to your employees or customers – complete with personalised and branded message. Recipients then simply click through to a dedicated site and use their code to choose a reward from our vast range of top-brand retail and leisure vouchers.

We’ll handle the admin for you, and tailor your campaign to meet both your budget and target demographic – so your rewards can be relevant, highly visible and promote the right behaviours and actions.

Use them for employee recognition, customer loyalty and retention, on-pack promotions, bonuses, incentives and thank you gestures. 
  • The widest choice of spending options across the UK’s major brands and retailers
  • Personalised and branded messaging
  • Super-fast online turnaround and minimal administration
  • Business rules (including reward choice) can be configured to your campaign requirements
  • Can be linked to specific prizes or our huge online catalogue of retail gift cards, vouchers and merchandise
  • Quick to market, dynamic and scalable – campaigns can also be run concurrently
  • Data capture and full engagement reporting
Ecodes And Online Redemption
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