technology discounts

Affordable technology as an employee benefit

Get up to date, save money and spread the cost: interest free

Now your employees can purchase the latest computers, phones, tablets, TVs, and all kinds of tech and accessories in a cost-effective way. Through our technology benefit scheme, payments are made directly from salary each month (usually over two years), saving on National Insurance contributions (NICs). Prices are never above RRP, so there are no hidden charges, just a purchase admin fee of £15. Even delivery is free.

For example, an iPad Pro with an RRP of £619 works out (on average) at just £22.70 a month, with payments totalling £544.72 – an impressive saving.

It’s a cost-neutral way to make your employee value proposition more attractive, as well as supporting the Government’s Digital Inclusion Strategy.
  • Includes smart products for health and home
  • Employees save up to 12% through reduced NICs
  • Free to join – easy online administration
  • No credit checks required
  • Interest free for your employees, cost-neutral for you
  • Admin fee £15, free delivery
  • Supports the Government’s Digital Inclusion Strategy
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