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Three no-cost recommendations for 2018

Whether you made New Year resolutions or not, this is traditionally a time for reflection and thinking about what we want to achieve in the year ahead.  At a personal level, we’re familiar with the annual self-promises to become our better selves: to get fit, to lose weight or give up smoking. To work smarter not harder. To learn new skills and shed old habits. 

When it comes to making positive changes in the workplace, Health and wellbeing is one of the top three requirements of today’s workforce. So making moves to increase employee wellbeing as a part of your overall engagement strategy will reflect in your corporate wellbeing, too.
  • “In three different styles of experiment, randomly selected individuals are made happier. The treated individuals have approximately 12% greater productivity.” Oswald, Proto, and Sgroi, 2015
  • “Organisations with engagement levels of 65% or greater outperformed the total stock market index and posted total shareholder returns that were 22% higher than average.” Engage for Success, Nailing the Evidence
The second quotation is often used, yet despite the drivers of employee engagement being well-known, Gallup says that 68% of UK employees are still classified as ‘not engaged’ with their jobs. A further 21% were reported to be actively disengaged. Overall, the proportion of engaged employees in the UK is just 11%, even lower than the global average of 15% (World Happiness Report 2017).

So it makes sense to create actively engaged – and happy – employees by reaching as many individuals as possible with diverse benefits that impact on their wellbeing in a variety of ways.

Here are our top three FREE recommendations for employee wellbeing in 2018:
  1. Do the easy and popular thing: take up Techscheme.
    This incredible benefit gives your employees access to the latest technology: spreading the cost interest-free and saving up to 12% on retail prices. There are no credit checks, and ownership transfers to them straight away. More importantly, as one of our clients says:

    "Smart devices help our staff to lead full lives outside of work and stay connected socially. These schemes work incredibly well for our young demographic of workers, some of whom work part-time and just don’t have access to the funds needed to purchase some of these items.”  

    Techscheme also helps support ‘bring your own device’ (which is becoming increasingly popular) and flexible working practices.

  2. Take a serious look at Pure card. As well as helping out with the finances by saving your employees money, it’s also a useful budgeting tool that helps employees manage funds and track their spend. Available as a generic no-cost option, or fully branded, it’s one of the top additions you can make to your core benefits portfolio.
  3. Review your childcare voucher scheme. If you don’t have one, there is still time to get set up with care-4 and save your employees a great deal of money over the years to come. If you already have a scheme in place, make sure you’re getting good advice and that they will be with you for the long haul – if not, then we can help you make a seamless switch over to care-4 before the April deadline.
For more thoughts on employee wellbeing and engagement, including more benefits, recognition and reward, please feel welcome to get in touch with us.

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