prepaid cards

Shopping card benefit

Cashback, discount, rebate... Whatever your employees call it, you can help them to save money and make their pay go further

Cashback and discount cards are understandably popular. Our employee benefits card, Pure, is the strongest shopping card in the benefits marketplace, delivering rebates of between 3% and 15% from a wide-range of leading retailers, including Asda, Boots, Clarks, Currys, House of Fraser, John Lewis, M&S, Pizza Express, Travel by Inspire and Waitrose.

Now that's what we call retail therapy.
Pure benefits card

Employees can load funds onto their card directly from their net pay, and top up online, by text (SMS) or using the app at any time. Rebates are then paid back on to the card on a monthly basis. The average annual saving is £125 per cardholder, depending on how much they spend, and where. Those who are smart about using it will collect considerably more!

Pure is secure and easy to manage. Your company could be up and running with a card in every employee's wallet in as little as four weeks.
prepaid cards
  • Chip & PIN, more flexible and secure than vouchers
  • Lost/stolen cards can be cancelled, replaced and the balance transferred
  • Various branding options are available - prices and lead times will vary
  • App and text message services to check balance and top up on the move
  • Partner cards available
  • Access to big-brand gift cards and evouchers at less than face value, through our online store (optional extra)
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